June 19 GD Update

New Mexico is done!

Taking a day off in Platoro, CO after another 9 days of riding since Grants. Such a fantastic route, challenging at times and mind-blowing for all the beauty. Lots of climbing and rough sections, but after finishing the NM section the roads are much smoother and climbs more gradual. Was a great idea to do the harder part first. Lost Jason before Pie Town, no word so still wondering where he went. Kathy, John are ahead a bit along with Stuart and Nadine, so am solo for awhile. No hurry, will pick up a new tent inner as my zipper blew out – thank you David!!!

200 miles to Salida and a few big passes to navigate, but should be gorgeous.

A few highlights of the past couple weeks:

Fun night at the very cool Buckhorn Saloon in Pinos Altos. 

CDT Alternate NoBo – fantastic singletrack! Would’ve sucked southbound.

Beaverhead Work Center, an oasis during a really sparse section with no good water sources.

Massive rain and hail storm in La Manga Mountains before Pie Town. Stopped immediately by death mud. Exciting! Waited for nearly 20hrs to continue.

Meeting Ralph after taking a wrong turn, we chatted over some Bud Light tallboys at 10am, then gave me a 7Up and a BBQ chicken leg for the road!

Chilling at the Toaster House, great food at Ohana Cafe. No need for pie, but others liked it!

Relaxing with Kathy, John and Achem at the TLC Ranch on a hot afternoon. Free water!

Grants, NM – 12mi of walking to loosen the limbs and heal the butt. Adjustments, lots of good food and beer at Junkyard Brewery, Pizza 9 and Lotta Burger.

Chaco Trading Post and generous Navajo hospitality. Thank you Terren and crew!

Beautiful camping over 10k above Abiquiu. So gorgeous.

Retreat on the River where we met Nadine, Stuart, Sean, John and Goldie the owner made it all a memorable fun evening.

Angels Gina and Chloe who gave me water and a banana at Hopewell Lake. They said prayers for a safe journey. Very sweet.

Campfire and talks after a brutally long day to Languinitas CG. One of the toughest days yet. Cisneros Park and Montoya Canyon were stunningly beautiful.

Red Bear Haus in Horca, CO. Bikers, beers, BBQ! Stacey and Jason were great hosts. So fun.

Gathering the riders in Platoro for some dinner, soccer and free beers at the Golden Nugget Cafe run by KJ. Huge thanks to angels Piper & James for the box of beers!!! Wow.

Onto Del Norte and Salida, but tomorrow is Stunner and Indiana Pass. Hoping for clear skies and good winds!

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