Trip Ideas, Planning and Preparation

Trip Ideas

2022: Patagonia, AZ Gravel Tour. Sky Odyssey Loops. Great Pacific Divide Loop.
2023: Western Wildlands Route; Baja Divide
2024+: Southeast Asia; European Divide; Pamir Highway/Tajikistan/Central Asia; Australia’s west coast; Trekking in the Indian Himalayas

Current Bikes

2017 Surly Troll, Rohloff/Schmidt hubs, Avid/Yokozona brakes. 26×3″ Surly Knard tires, Jones bars, bikepacking bags and racks.

2019 Salsa Titanium Timberjack, DT350 hubs, XTR brakes/shifters/drivetrain, Koga Denham bars. Whiskey 9 carbon fork. 29×2.35″ Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires and bikepacking bags.

1990 REI Ponderosa with S&S couplings, 10sp thumbshifters, 26×2 Scwalbe Mondials, White Industries/Schmidt hubs, canti brakes, Jones bars and bikepacking bags.


Gear: After decades of touring, backpacking and travel I have enough stuff.

Training: Touring regularly is the preferred method.

A few things to improve: GPS/photo skills.

That’s the current state of things so far…

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