Trip Ideas, Planning and Preparation

2017 Surly Troll the Baja Divide bike!

2017 Surly Troll on the Olympic Peninsula, WA

Trip Ideas

Feb-March 2019: After much pondering I’ll visit my daughter in Australia and then head to New Zealand to solo ride the Tour Aotearoa route from Cape Reinga on the north island to Bluff on the south island, a 3000 km/1864 mi bikepacking trip.

April 2019: Thailand and/or Vietnam with my daughter just tramping about with packs.

May 19-29, 2019: Cross WA with David. 700 miles.

June 14-July 2019: Tour Divide race/tour, solo. 3084 miles.

Khojana Wala

1990 Novara Ponderosa “Khojana Wala” in Dhariwal, India

Sept 2019: Italy for three weeks, along some EuroVelo routes around Tuscany with Mary.

November 2019: Trekking in the Indian Himalayas with David.

2020: Back to NZ with Eric, Pamir Highway/Tajikistan/Central Asia.


Bike: Highly modified and S&S coupled 1990 Novara mountainbike, “Khojana Wala”. 26″ wheels.

Gear: After many decades of touring, backpacking and travel I have every conceivable thing I’ll ever need…

“Training”: Have been riding to Hurricane Ridge (5500 ft climb in 18 paved miles) from my house and a few multi-day touring miles. Climbing Deer Park with gravel for 15 of the 25 miles from my house. Shorter tours and day rides of various kinds.

A few things to improve: GPS skills.

That’s the current state of things so will add more later!

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