Hurricane Ridge Snowcamp

Much needed outdoor snow time!

John, Cath, Jim and I decided that camping on Hurricane Ridge was the perfect antidote to the recent torrential rainfall. Saturday was sunny and cold and perfect for a rejuvenating 24 hour escape! Sunshine on Saturday, then clouds, wind and some graupel (but lighter – Jim called them “angel kisses”), but after dinner while the sun set the moon rose and Jim and I were treated to an exceptional evening as the stars started popping out. Early night into the tents, then up at 3am to bask in glorious moonlight. Sunday morning enjoyed a lovely sunrise until the clouds moved back in.

We each had our own gear and it was interesting to see how we fared as not one of us had a 4-season tent. Were it not for the high winds that kicked up around 4am we were fine, but it was breaking off chunks of snow from the trees and letting you know why this is called “hurricane ridge”. We packed up by 8:30am and hiked back to the lodge where ranger Sani gave me a ride to the overnight parking to get my truck.


Here’s some pics of the fun and John has more here.

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