Bikepacking – Great Pacific Divide Loop

After postponing the last two years, 2022 is bikepacking time!

2017 Surly Troll with loaded  bikepacking kit
2017 Surly Troll loaded for touring.
2017 Surly Troll bikepacking setup
2017 Surly Troll bikepacking setup

Have completely rethought the trip and decided to add additional miles and make a big bikepacking loop…why not? I have nothing else to be present for and it’s been too long since doing country-sized bicycle touring. My summer crash injuries are nearly healed, so, starting in April 2022, I’m off on the Great Pacific Divide Loop.

Tour Route

Tour begins in Port Angeles, WA in early April. Will take the loop around the west end and south on the Pacific Coast Route. (The ACA version first goes along the Hood Canal, which is pretty, but not the coast). The next four weeks are traveling north to south through Washington, Oregon and California and visiting friends along the way.

From San Diego, CA I’ll head across the Southwest on a modified Southern Tier route to Tucson, AZ area. Will take a short break to regroup and change tires, then on to Hachita, NM. There I’ll start going north on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route around mid to late May. Snow in the Rocky Mountains will determine timing.

Depending on Covid-19, border crossings, and such, I’ll either make it to Roosville, MT or beyond to Banff/Jasper, ALB. From any of those points I’ll ride west and return to Port Angeles near late August-early September. Hoping to go all the way to Jasper! Riding home through Alberta, British Columbia and Vancouver Island to take the Coho Ferry back from Victoria would be perfect.

The west is the best.

Bikepacking Bike

With a variety of roads, trails, dirt and gravel, the always dependable Surly Troll will be my steed. Outfitted with Rohloff rear, Schmidt front, Dually rims, Yokozuna brakes, Jones bars and a Brooks C17 saddle. It can do whatever I need. Can run full rackless bags or may opt for a Tumbleweed rack hybrid setup.

Have taken tours on this same bike in many configurations since 2017, but the current setup works well in a hybrid bikepacking mode.


Hoping a few bike friends are able to join along the way. Know from previous journeys that I always connect with other travelers – really looking forward to that part of this trip.

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