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Washington Pass

Washington Pass

Why I love mountains…

There is no better way to gain an appreciation of true beauty than to cycle near the peaks of mountains. I have loved the high places since I was a 5 year old and took my first trip west of Minnesota through the Rockies with my parents and brother. I felt “at home” and upon graduating from high school, left the lakes of my home state for the western mountains. I have never looked back (or down, as the case my be).

List of Cols, Passes and Cul de sacs I’ve ridden


Thompson Pass (2678 feet)


Rainy Pass -both east & west (4855 feet/1480 meters)
Washington Pass – both east & west (5477 feet/1669 meters)
Loup Loup Pass (4,020 feet/1,225 meters)
Wauconda Pass (4310 feet)
Sherman Pass -23 miles long (5575 feet/1699 meters)
Cayuse Pass (4675 feet/1425 meters)
Chinook Pass -both east & west (5430 feet/1655 meters)
Paradise (5420 feet/1652 meters)
Sunrise (6400 feet/1951 meters)
Stevens Pass -both east & west
White Pass (4500 feet/1372 meters)
Mount Constitution (2000 feet climb)
Hurricane Ridge (5230 feet/1594 meters)


Logan Pass (6646 feet) Going-to-the-Sun Road


Black Canyon of the Gunnison Rim Rd
Monarch Pass (11312 feet)
Vail Pass
Swan Mountain Pass
Boreas Pass (dirt)
Pearl Pass (dirt)

British Columbia:

Mount Currie
Chilkat Pass/Haines Summit (1065 meters/3493 feet)
Messiter Summit
Yellowhead Pass
Sunwapta Pass
Bow Pass
Kicking Horse Pass
Rogers Pass


Kunzum La (4590 meters/15,060 ft)
Rotang La (3979 meters/13,054 ft)
National Highway 22 from Shimla to Khab
Kinnaur Road

France (Pyrenees):

Col de Saraille -my first in Europe from Massat (942 meters/3090 feet)
Col de Latrape to Station de Guzet Neige from Alus les Bains (1111 meters/3645 feet)
Col de la Crouzette from Biert (1241 meters/4071 feet)
Col de Peguere from Massat (1375 meters/4511 feet)
Col de Portel from Massat (1432 meters/4698 feet)
Col de Catchaedegue near Castillion (893 meters/2929 feet)

France (Pyrenees) Raid Cols:

Col St. Ignace from Ascain (169 meters/554 feet)
Col de Pinodeita from Ainhoa (176 meters/577 feet)
Col d’Osquich from Larceveau (500 meters/1640 feet)
Col de Marie Blanque from Luvie Juzon (1035 meters/3395 feet)
Col d’Aubisque from Laruns (1709 meters/5607 feet)
Col de Soulor from Col d’Aubisque (1474 meters/4836 feet)
Col du Tourmalet from Luz-St-Sauveur (2115 meters/6939 feet)
Col D’Aspin from Ste Marie de Campan (1489 meters/4885 feet)
Col de Peyresourde from Arreau (1569 meters/5147 feet)
Col des Ares from Chaum (797 meters/2614 feet)
Col de Buret from Chaum (602 meters/1975 feet)
Col de Portet D’Aspet from Chaum -Fabio Casartelli Memorial (1069 meters/3507 feet)
Col des Caougnous from Massat (947 meters/3107 feet)
Col de Port from Massat (1249 meters/4097 feet)
Col de Puymorens from L’Hospitalet (1915 meters/6282 feet)
Col de Louis from Bourg-Madame (1345 meters/4412 feet)
Col de Rigat from Bourg-Madame (1488 meters/4881 feet)
Col de Perche from Bourg-Madame (1570 meters/5151 feet)
Mt Louis from Bourg-Madame (1585 meters/5200 feet)
Col de St. Pierre from Vinca (185 meters/607 feet)
Col Ternere from Vinca (200 meters/656 feet)
Cap l’Abelille from Banyuls (140 meters/459 feet)


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